The project

I believe the discourses of crazy man on the road  occult many undesirable truths.

The main porpose of this project is to remix the discourse of a crazy man (Domenico) with my movements, trying to revel  new meanings of that discourse.

.A performer with a Wireless Sensitive Suit generate a random sound discourse from his movements, and remix that sound with a sensing glove.

In the beginning is created a performance instrument_Wireless Sensitive Suit (fig.1). That instrument have sensors to capture some movements of one performer, and a wireless system to send the data from the sensors to one PC.



P5210634 P5210636

fig.2, 3

Is used on the suit 4 bend sensors in the arms and legs articulations (fig.2, 3), 3 bend sensors in one glove (fig.4), 1 accelerometer x, y, z (fig.5), and one switch on/off (fig.6).



Acelerometro2a switch

fig.5, 6

With all the sensors connected to a Lilypad Arduino (fig.7) and this to a XBee (wireless data sender) installed in the shoulder of the suit (fig.8), is received all the data from the sensors in one PC.


fig.7, 8

The position of all sensors in relation to the performer (fig.9).

Man 3d locSensors


This is the main electronic system (fig.10).



Electronic circuit (fig.11)



After the Suit testet is started the development of this project: The last words of Domenico.

In this project is proposed to generate a random verbal discourse from the movements of the performer, and give expressivity to that sound with the movements of the fingers on the left hand.

The idea is to translate the movements of one performer to a sound verbal discourse with different sound expressivity.

In this project is sampled (cut-up) the words of Domenico – a personage from movie Nosthalghia, Andrei Tarkovsky – and use that words to reconstruct new discourses.

I believe, like J. Derrida say, that if we deconstruct a discourse and reconstruct again in new forms, we can possible discover new and occult  meanings.

So, in this project is proposed to remixes the discourse of Domenico,  giving to him new voices .

Why I do this?! Because I don´t want the words of Domenico are lost in the f* History!

To generate the sound is used one patche with sub-patches in Max-msp software to read the samples  in random way, triggered by the sensors in the arms and legs.  Use the data from the sensors on the glove to create controllers to change the parameters of the filters in Live, and use the data from the accelerometer to speed the discourse (fig.12).

1VLS_FSW_Max_msp patcher_2


In the Live (audio software) (fig.13) – project in progress – is received the sound generated in Max-msp and filtered with the hand controllers.

Live_softtware proj


The switch heart (fig.6) is used to change the presets of the filters in Live.

In resume, the sensors read some movements of the performer. The Lilypad Arduino convert the analog signals from the sensors to a digital signals. The XBee wireless send that signals to a PC. On the PC is used that data in Max-msp to generate the sound and create the controllers for Live; and finely Live filter the sound.

This project it was developed in the master course of MTAD_Uminho, and LCD.


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