The Domenico´s words


“What ancestor speaks in me?
I can not leave simultaneously
in my head in my body

That is why I can not be just one person.
I can feel myself countless things at once

There are no great masters left.
That is the real evil of our time.

The heart path is covered in shadow

We must listen to the voices that seem useless,
In brains full of long sewage pipes of school wall,
termac and welfare papers,
the buzzing of insects must enter.

We must fill the eyes
and ears of all of us,
with things that are
the beginning of a great dream

Someone must shout that
we ill build the pyramids

It does not matter if we do not!

We must fuel that wish,
and stretch the corners of the soul,
like an endless sheet

If you want the world to go forward
we must hold hands

We must mix the so-called healthy
with the so-called sick

You healthy ones!
What does your health mean?

The eyes of all mankind
are looking at the pit
into which we are plunging

Freedom is useless
if you do not have the courage
to look us in the eye,
to eat, drink and sleep with us!

It is the so-called healthy
who have brought the world
to the verge of ruin

Man, listen!
In you, water, fire
and then ashes

And the bones in the ashes
The bones and the ashes!

Where am I when I am not in reality
or in my imagination?

Here’s my new pact:
it must be sunny at night
and snowy in August

Great things end
only small things endure.

Society must become united again
instead of so disjointed

Just look at nature and
you’ll see that life is simple

We must go back to where we were,
to the point where you took the wrong turn

We must go back
to the main foundations of life
without dirtying the water

What kind of world is this,
if a madman tells you
you must be ashamed of yourselves!

Music now

I forgot this

O mother!
O mother!

The air is that light thing
that moves around your head
and becomes clearer when you laugh

Zoe! Zoe!”


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